The Thai Language at HFCS

Hello or Sawasdee,

For the next two weeks, we’ll focus on the Thai language and some other things about Thailand that are amazing. Our Thai students feel very confident with their Thai skills and are looking forward to share them with us.

  • Did you know that Thailand is home to a tenth of the world’s bird species? And that is despite the extensive deforestation.
  • That Thailand is the only SE Asian country not to be colonised by a European country? This fits with the country’s name which means “The Land of the Free”.
  • Is home to the biggest freshwater fish? (293kg)
  • Is the world’s largest orchid exporter? They have 1300 native species.
  • Is home to the largest gold statue of Buddha? (5.5tons!)
  • That in Thailand, the head is the most important part of the body? Consequently, no one must ever touch another person, even a child, on the head.
  • Etc, etc.
  • What an amazing country!

Watch this space for more!


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