Hello today it was my……….. ASSEMBLY! we also had a buddy class and it was fun! our theme was Ocean. I was a shark there were 4 sharks,1 crab,1 octopus,i don’t know how many fish but you might know, I think 3 turtles,2 Angela fish,1 sea horse and last 1 seal. it was SO MUCH FUN! 3mp how was it same with 3jh if you want to you don’t have to 3jh but 3mp you have to because I wanna no if is it good or ungood tell me please!


Today I made a Ocean with Sea Animals I use paper and I cut them out like Sea Animals then I use glue stick and I stick them on the blue Ocean paper.Then I use some things in the class room I use glitter sick I just call them like that,popstick,sequins,paper as you know, cupcake wrapper and last is straws.That is what I use for my Ocean Sea Animals I work so hard on that that I all most gave up BUT! I did not gave up/ give up.

Diwali Dia Lamp

Yesterday I made a Dia Lamp because we had some stuff like Drawings,paint hand prints so I was the first one to make a Dia Lamp. I made it by making it round then when that was done I make it like a cup but not with a handle. Then I use a cap a cap is a cap on top of a water bottle I use that on the middle so soon we can put a fake light but on the fake light there is a switch so then it lights up. Then on the edge I took a plastic knife and I use it to make lines and that is what I done to my Dia Lamp.