Reflection 22/3/19

What did you like? Today it was a harmony day/assembly I liked the Vietnamese part because it’s my culture and it was calm. What was in the assembly? In the assembly it was harmony and there was some culture dance and there was some countrs  and some people was that country on the tv and they said “hello,bye’ in there country. What were you feeling? I was feeling so happy:) because today we have share lunch and the assembly was AMAZZING! Did you liked the assembly? I really… LIKED IT! What do you want to do in class? I would like to do is the Vietnam dance because it was so peace, calm and very relaxing. What is your country? My country is veitnam.

Assembly Reflection by 56ae and 56hm 1/3/19

This is my work!

Today it was 56ae and 56hm assembly there assembly was great!

What did you enjoyed?

I enjoyed the part is the editing from the last thing from the assembly. Because it looked like it had a lot of shapes it was cool.

What were you feeling?

I was feeling happy because when the tv had Netflix but also had the class it is 56ae and 56hm. And I was thinking big kid’s are art’s.

What you learnt?

I learnt that they did the Minecraft drawing that they had to draw themselves. In their Minecraft look because it look amazing!

What you would like to try?

I would like to try the editing from the last part with the dance. Because it look like shapes, colourful and neon it was amazing! 🙂

by Emily


Hello today it was my……….. ASSEMBLY! we also had a buddy class and it was fun! our theme was Ocean. I was a shark there were 4 sharks,1 crab,1 octopus,i don’t know how many fish but you might know, I think 3 turtles,2 Angela fish,1 sea horse and last 1 seal. it was SO MUCH FUN! 3mp how was it same with 3jh if you want to you don’t have to 3jh but 3mp you have to because I wanna no if is it good or ungood tell me please!


Today I made a Ocean with Sea Animals I use paper and I cut them out like Sea Animals then I use glue stick and I stick them on the blue Ocean paper.Then I use some things in the class room I use glitter sick I just call them like that,popstick,sequins,paper as you know, cupcake wrapper and last is straws.That is what I use for my Ocean Sea Animals I work so hard on that that I all most gave up BUT! I did not gave up/ give up.

Diwali Dia Lamp

Yesterday I made a Dia Lamp because we had some stuff like Drawings,paint hand prints so I was the first one to make a Dia Lamp. I made it by making it round then when that was done I make it like a cup but not with a handle. Then I use a cap a cap is a cap on top of a water bottle I use that on the middle so soon we can put a fake light but on the fake light there is a switch so then it lights up. Then on the edge I took a plastic knife and I use it to make lines and that is what I done to my Dia Lamp.