harmony day!

Today its harmony day we had a assembly and my favourite part was the inda dance because everyone in it was very good and Riya from our class was in it and she was very amazing in it. On my mums side I’m Germany (from my mums dad) and Irish (from my mums mum)


A map is a helper piece of paper that has directions on it. I use a map when I get lost. We see maps in big places. We use a map by looking at the map and following the directions. On a map is the north, south, west and east. So as the directions of how to do it. If we didn’t have maps then we would not never get to are place wed need to go too. Maps are very helpful.

Pancake day!

Today was Pancake and we did a how to make a pancake thing!



What to get: Milk flour eggs and butter.

What to do : mix them all together when they’re smooth then put the olive oil into the pan, then put the mix in the pan when the pancakes start to bubble up flip them over. Then you put what ever topping you want.

Assembly Week 5

Hey its Emily S and this is my first post


Today’s assembly was about Netflix. My favourite part was the Simpson part SPIDER PIG!!!. By the way it was my last years buddy assembly. The end dance was really nice I liked how it had mixed upped songs and I liked the part when the front roy jumped off the stage (from the end dance) This assembly was very nice. It was funny. The art pictures were lovely because they were very nice and skilled pis of art and I wode like to try it in class






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