Assembly Reflection 12/3/19

On Friday it was 5/6 HS and MB’s Assembly. There theme was the fringe festival. They did circus performances there were different ticks and acts there was animal shows dancing and magicians. also body percussion the first bit when the student were running to the stage it was like a real circus. My favorite bit was the body percussion. Then we did vertically grouped activity’s. I did art for art I did origami I made a paper balloon & chatter box then I wanted to do some drawing I did a pattern with wiggly lines. Earlier we did clean up Australia day I liked cleaning up because I felt good to help the environment. Then we had a healthy lunch salad roll I had carrots lettuce and cheese it was delicious.

Assembly Reflection 01/3/19

On Friday it was 56/AE & 56/HM. There assembly was about Netflix shows my friend Amy, Harriet, Michelle, Katerina and Madison in the assembly my favorite part was the assembly end dance because I love dancing & there dancing was great. I liked the assembly because it made me happy because the song happier and when the students were smiling they made me smile to. I would like to learn the assembly dance at the end because the dance was very entertaining. I would like to try to watch more thing on Netflix.

Carols night 10/12/18

On Friday Week 8 it was carols night my song was little snowflake & it’s Christmas time. I was so exited and nervous to, First it was my sister’s class my sister’s name is Mya her song was Santa wearing shorts and I can’t think of the other one. after the 1 and 2s it was my shot to perform i was so exited when I was performing  after that I went to my friend to watch the other performance after the permanence was finished  I went home

Country Investigations

On Friday it was Country Investigations the theme was Iran. We did oragami we did a fox but it was to hard I was working with Devon, Jamie, Arrow and Hasimrat and then we tried a water Bufullo still was hard but then we found a good oragami it was a……. Gift Box it was cool some parts were hard and we needed Dev to do it for us after that we had to clean up I had so much fun I used Creativity.

Country Investigations

Today on Friday I did country Investigations about Brazil Bella had a flip chart about Brazil and It was Bella’s idea about doing Brazil for the activities I wanted to do some drawing I tried to do some origami but that didn’t work so i did some drawing. I was drawing a jaguar but that didn’t work ether so I drawn something else I was drawing the Brazil  flag after that I had so much fun doing it after that we had to pack up.


I learnt that Brazil had a big jesus stachu


On Friday it was 3HJ’s assembly and out door ed DAY. In the morning 3HJ’s assembly was starting and when I was sitting down and the assembly was starting I saw my Best friend Maddie- Madison and Bella, Michelle and Sama they had a great dance. After that it was recces and after recces it was time for the out door ed day activates on my list I had Handball & fossil hunters, Then Bird feeders and then yoga my favorite activate was Handball and my least was yoga I had fun doing the activates. On handball my partner was Bella we started of as king we bet lots of people Mr pearce said that he picked good king to us and I had lots of fun doing handball. Then we did bird feeders with Mr stramare he said that we had to decorate the bird feeders we needed paper cups, string and seeds I decorated my cup as a bird eating the seeds  I had fun and then we did yoga I had a little bit of fun the poses where weird but I still had fun.


On Friday it was the year 3 SLEEPOVER!!!!! I was so exited when we where in the Hall we had to do some try outs try outs where these people who brought in activities I had so much fun I was in Mr stramare’s group after that we had soem PIZZA!!! I love pizza I had a very very big piece after dinner we had to get dressed and brush our teeth after that we watch Hotel transelvanier in the morning I had breakfast afyer breakfast we went out side and I was playing hand ball with Devon and Jamie and then I had to go home I had so much fun at the sleepover

3MP/5CM Assembly

On Friday it was My classes ASSEMBLY with our BUDDYS we have been waiting for a long time for this day to come our assembly was about Diwali and the story Rama and Sita I was in the play of Rama and Sita I was a Monkey and Sreyleab was Sita. I enjoyed the Indian Dance my buddy Ann was in the Indian dance the best part I liked was when it was the last part of the shinning light I liked that part because that was when everyone got to go on stage and the audience can see everyone’s face. The character strength I used was bravery and perservifence

Weave silk

On Tuesday In Mindfulness  Me and Sreyleab did some Weave silk together me and Sreyleab wanted to do a challenge

to see who can do the most nicest weave pattern and Mrs Papillo had choosen both of us that won I had so much fun



The new Fish Farm

On FridayI we went to the fish farm but it was cold Mudla we saw lots of animals and animals that weren’t under water I saw cute animal weird animal ad many more. And then we deconstructed our robots I was SOOOOO sad that we had to deconstruct Roboto but we had to recycle the boxes and we had to make all of the foil into  a ball each group got to go down stares and put all of the boxes in the paper bin the BIG BIG paper bin it was BIGGER than Miss Robets after that we watched a movie I had so much fun today that I would want to do it again I used persivirents because it was so hard to rip the foil off because there was lots of sticky tape I had SO SO much fun my favorite animal was this animal I don’t know what it’s cold. Look closer