Term 3 Holiday recount

At Melbourne and Adilade [Adelaide]

When I went to Melbourne I played with my cousin sisters and after  that I went to sleep. Next day me and my Uncle went to cinema and we watched Pirates of the Caribbean Curse of Black Pearl and after two days I watched Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell no Tales.Next day we went to the shopping mall. When I came back from Melbourne me and Fayzan played Murder Mystery and Jail Break.   We played it on are leptop we joined each other’s game but we were not at each others home and we played jail break with Fayzan’s brother. Next day me and Daniel played murder mystery and I was the best murderer and the best sheriff and Daniel killed me a lot so I got my revenge by beaning a sheriff and I killed Daniel the murderer.

BTN blogging term three garma festival

  1. What does the Garma festival celebrate?

    The garma people celebrated on there festival is the karma’s 10 birthday.2. What do people do over four days during the festival?

    Garma people celebrate there festival  and they go to Dancing or telling stories.

    1. What is this year’s theme?

    There theme was to say the truth.

  1. What do the Aboriginal and Torren Straight Islander Community want to change about the Australian Constitution?

    Because the karma people wanted to get the good future.

Aboriginal Excursion term 2

On 25th of may our class went to SA  Museum to look at some Aboriginal  weapons . When we enter the Museum we saw big skeletons of dinosaurs and sea animals.When we were putting our  bags we needed  to go to a room that was like a store room.

Before we entered the museum we were in the bus and I sat with Manan and we talked about Fortnite and the sword burst because we have make some books about sword burst. Let’s go back in the museum.


At the museum we saw some spears and boomerang and some things that they used for fishing . My buddy was Daniel from REQ and Manan’s buddy was also from REQ. Manan started to think about partner with me so we can tell them something that they can’t under stand. Then we exchange the floor with the other group. Then we saw some broken boats and some animals .

When we were on the bus I sat alone and when we reached it was launch.

week 3 guided reading term 2

1. What helped Hannah build the bionic arm? a. Coding

a. coding

b. Electronics
c. 3D design
d. All of the above

coding helped Hannah  to make bionic arm .

What is bionic technology? Explain using your own words.

The technology is coding ,  Electronics and 3d design.

3. What can the bionic arm that Hannah built do?

The bionic arm can do stuff like break something and its help full to make food easy.

BTN week 2 Term 2 Guided Reading

1. What three things help start the composting process…

a. Bacteria

b. Insects
c. Fungi
d. All of the above

The answer is all of above because all three things are bacteria, insect and fungi because the question say’s the three thing and there are three things.

2.What sort of fertiliser do the kids add to their compost?

The kids were putting food scraps  so worms can eat it and they can make compast.

3.Explain what worms, slugs and other insects do to improve the compost’s texture?

The worm improves like eat scrapes and they poop it out.

4.How does compost help our garden?

It helps are garden because its good for plants and plants like it and it is good for maintaining our plants.

Holiday Recount Week 1 Term 2

In  the holidays I went to my sisters house but not my real sister my cousin sister I played a lot but we some times fight     and play. One night we played pillow fight,chasey and hide and seek then at morning we played chase and little sister was smiling and she always smile even when she was crying. Another day we played pillow fight for a hour then my mom told us to stop but we didn’t then we did.Next day was my last day at my sister’s house that day we make paper boats and pepper airplanes we try to work on the boat by putting it on the water but it doesn’t work it got into some slices then we have to clean water then we started to go home. When I got home next day I opened my laptop and I played dragon ball Z final stand and ind it was so cool game then I joined Fayzan  and we beat the universal champion so we could be champion of the earth   but next challenge  was to defeat cell then we defeated him Fayzan was so happy