Term 3 Holidays

On the holidays I did not do much. I only went to Kumon and my school that teaches Islam. I learn Islam Because Islam is my religion and that school also teaches Arabic.

But on the second week of the holidays my friend came to my house two days in a row we went outside and we played on our laptops. I went to his house with my brother when he had to go and we played there. After that I played on my laptop then I went sleep.

When I woke up I ate breakfest and played some games. I played Roblox with Fateh. In the afternoon I played with my friends on my ps4 and I played with my friend and his cousin after that I ate again then I got off the ps4 and watched youtube then I red a book called Dog Man Unleashed which is the second Dog Man book. Dog man is by Dav pilkey on

The last day of the holidays my dad got fairy lights and he put them in me and my brothers room and on the first day of the holidays my dad made kebabs. He made chicken, mince and lamb kebabs and they were better then some I ate at a restaurant.

4rg Buddy assembly

Today me and everyone in my class had a buddy assembly it was about master chef and we did our own master chef 2 challenges were for the audience and the others were for us. The challenges for the audience were the blind taste test and make a animal out of fruits and veg. The challenges for us were  dancing and others. I liked the assembly a lot.

My Holiday

In the holidays my friends came to my house on the last day of the holidays and I went to my friends house also on the on the 2nd week. and my friend brought his tablet but he lost it and he looked for it for two hours and we played G Switch and Tank Trouble. When my friends came to my house

I sat down on my mums bed and my baby brother was in his crib and he was standing up by holding the wall of the crib and I made him laugh.


On the second to last day of the holidays I went to a pool with my friend. We saw my baby brother in a smaller pool and he was crawling in the pool so me and my older brother and also my friend went to him and we played with him and he was having lots of fun. In the baby pool there was a more deeper side but still it was shallow. My older brother brought my baby brother in the deeper water and he held him and he was splashing a lot.

My Goals For Term 3

My goals for term 3 is to be more better at math and hand writing I will get better at math by giving my self a hard question then answering it and then checking it and I will get better at hand writing by writing a lot. Also get better at running and reading. I will get better at running by running a lot so I get lots of stamina and run faster and reading a lot and reading hard books and looking up  the meaning of word.

SA Museum Excursion 4RG REQ REF

On the 25th may 2018 my class and REQ and also REF went to a Museum. All of our classes were split into groups and then we got on the bus and it was a pretty long ride but when we got there we ate our recess out side the Museum. When I was looking inside the Museum I saw a meteorite that crashed in Western Australia.

After that we went into our groups and then went into the Museum and there was a giant Allosaurus skeleton. The staff there gave us a place to put our bags and then my group went to the toilets and people who didn’t need to go to the toilet waited outside and there was a bunch of animals but they were not real. After that my group went upstairs and my buddy Oliver went upstairs too. I think Oliver was in REQ.


On the top floor there was a lot of facts and tools they use for hunting. There was these seats with a screen and it showed some facts. When my group went down stairs there were a lot of weapons like spears and there were boats and there was some screens with someone playing didredoo or someone talking about their life. One boat was only made out of sticks and ropes and the others look like they had a big cloth. after that we got our bags then left. On the bus I sat with my buddy Oliver and then we went to a place called Botanic Gardens.


Botanic Gardens is a place that has lots of plants and grass and also trees. We ate our lunch there and then played some games like tag. After that we walked to the next bus and while we were walking there I made up a joke and then I told it to my friend Terry. The joke was where does the president of plants live? in the green house when we got back to the bus I sat with my buddy Oliver and we went back to school.


Week 3 Guided Reading- Bionic Arm Builder

1. What helped Hannah build the bionic arm?

a. Coding

b. Electronics
c. 3D design
d. All of the above

All of the above is my answer because in the video they talked about Coding 3D design and Electronics.

2. What is bionic technology? Explain using your own words.

Bionic technology is something that helps people do thing that they use to do like moving their arm or walking.

3. What can the bionic arm that Hannah built do?

It can hold stuff like a cup of water and it can open doors.


My Goals For term 2

I want to get better at writing by writing like my mum or dad and I want to get better at times tables and division by writing a question then writing what I Think is write then I will use a  calculator to find the answer.

I want to be more healthy by eating good stuff and faster by running and pushing my self.

Reflection Wk9

I am creative when I make stuff like my bay blade and when I made a game because if I’m bored of one game I could just make another game and play that game.

I have used my leadership when I help someone finish something like math. For example, if someone could not solve a math thing like 60+50 I could give them a hint it starts with 1 and ends with 0.