Happy Friday!

On Wednesday, we went on a sport excursion and all the year twos went on the bus to get to the excursion. We did lot’s of things like golf, touch football, salisbury leaders and finally world taekwondo. When we did world taekwondo we had lots and lots of fun. These are pictures of us doing world taekwondo, salisbury leaders touch football and golf.

Sadly there were no salisbury leader photos…. but there were touch football pictures and golf ones.

Here are golf pictures.


That’s it for today.

My Goals For Term 4

My goals for Literacy are trying to do my writing neater and make the writing better. Another one of my goals are read better by reading lots of books and speak louder and better.

My goals for Numeracy are trying to do the times table over ten and division too. Also one of my goals are do math problem solving as well.

My goals for Creativity is thinking what to make and think about lots of ideas that i can think of to make.

My Personal goals are trying to get along with people and share better ideas with my friends. One of my other goals are staying on task so i don’t forget to do my work.

Hello World!

Hello, my name is Felix. I’m kind and nice, I’ve been learning lots of stuff, and I play soccer with my friends. I love eating watermelons and mangoes and also love coconuts. I love mathematics a lot and numbers and love pears. My favourite game is soccer cause I’m really good at it and tennis.


Hello world!

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