Term 3- Week 3 Guided Reading- Garma Festival

  1. What does the Garma festival celebrate?

    It’s a celebration of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander to come together.

  2. What do people do over four days during the festival?

    the people shear there stories,talk about problems and think abut ways to bring change

  3. Wats this years them?

    this years them is telling the truth.

  4. What do the Aboriginal and Torren Straight Islander Community want to change about the Australian Constitution?

    they want it to. say the the aboriginal people  are the owner of the land

Buddy Assembly

On the 10/8/18 is what 4RG,2TD and 2IB it was are assemble.

This is a photo of me leading the dance called milkshake.

This the one assemble I will never forget.

The other leaders were Kin Magot and Me .

Here is a photo of everyone dancing.

My Holiday Recount TERM THREE

In the holidays I went to my dads soccer game with my family then I went to flip out with my dad and sister and my friend  the land came over to my house to play. and have a sleep over and the next day I went over to his house and on the laster week of school holidays I went to my his name is Liam and Dylan and I got my new xbox and we got a carpet and dinner table. I went to a scoter competition with my family.

My Term Three Goals

For Term Three I will like yo work on telling the time and knowing my division better.

I want to get better at division by my dad and teacher helping me, and I will ask my mum and dad if I can have extra math learning time.

I want to get better at telling the time by to reading it from my phone but from the clock.

Term 2- Week 3 Guided Reading- Bionic Arm Builder

1. What helped Hannah build the bionic arm? a. Coding

b. Electronics
c. 3D design
d. All of the above√

2. What is bionic technology? Explain using your own words.

They can help people to gain the ability to have a body part that they lost.

3. What can the bionic arm that Hannah built do?

It is built to help people ,that have lost an arm they can get a new arm.

Term 2- Week 2 Guided Reading- Composting Awareness

1. What three things help start the composting process…a. Bacteria

b. Insects
c. Fungi
d. All of the above☑️

2.What sort of fertiliser do the kids add to their compost? They add in blood bone sand caw poo.

3.Explain what worms, slugs and other insects do to improve the compost’s texture? They eat then they poop it out get a better texture.

4.How does compost help our garden? it helps the garden grow faster.

Commonwealth Games

There are 53 countries in the Commonwealth games.

The Commonwealth was made to bring peace with most the countries in the world.

The Commonwealth game was first ruled in 1930 the commonwealth games use to be called the Empire Games.

Here are some of the countries that are in in the Commonwealth Australia, United Kingdom, Belize and Nigeria.

Holiday Recount 30/4/18

In the holiday’s I went to my dad’s soccer game and my sister had boxing gloves and she made me have a blood nose.

Then I fell of the slide and hart my neck and then I fell out a tree and hurt my arm.

 I went to see perter rabbit with my dad and I saw Sherlock gnomes with my nan.

I went on a boat I one to Sydney with my mum, dad and sister it was so fun and my sister made a friend.

Guided Reading Week 9- Australian Population Future

     What are some of the benefits of population growth?

We can have more job and we can have better things in life like more  houses and more people can  have jobs and live in a better life over all.

 What are some of the challenges of population growth?
We will need better public transport in big city's like Melbourne.
Do you think Australia’s population should grow or stay the same size?

   I think we shod [should] stay the same amount of people is Australia because   ever 104 seconds a baby is born so no more people shod come to         Australia.