Hands on Science , Mathematics and construction in our Fish Farm

Students have been engaged in a range of investigations and constructions in our fish farm. Year 3/4 students increased their knowledge of decimals by measuring the pH level of each tank and recording their results. Older students assisted with constructing aquariums, Max the turtle loves his new tank!

Our students clearly understand the importance of maintaining a high water quality in all of our displays  and so enthusiastically extract and replace the water by exploring their knowledge of siphons  and gravity.

Simon our “aquaponic tradie” has been constructing viewing platforms and safety rails to ensure our centre complies with safety regulations and he’s also donated some amazing new goldfish .

Thanks for your great support Simon.

The school staff have been working on ways to deliver some amazing projects in our centre including some spectacular art work.

We look forward to a formal launch of our fish farm and the announcement of a significant name for project.


Fish Farm

Fish farm engagement this week included students constructing aquariums and long fish pods. A feature of Open Day saw students conduct tours of our fish farm engaging our visitors with an array of aquaponic information. Students are also learning about the importance of water quality and continually conducting water testing focusing on the nitrogen cycle. We are very proud of their investigations and research.

Our Silver Perch, Barramundi, Murray Cod, Yabbies and Catfish are doing well. Our goldfish have been relocated into their a larger tank. We look forward to constructing more aquariums and expanding our aquaponic adventures.