Bearded Dragon Lizard Breeding News

As well as breeding fish, our school is also trying to breed bearded dragon lizards.We have two bearded dragon lizards in the Mudla, a male called Memphis and a female called Psycho.

A while ago, Psycho laid 14 eggs. We didn’t know that Psycho was a female until she laid her eggs. The eggs were not fertile (there were no babies inside).

We now have a playing pen inside the Mudla for both Memphis and Psycho. Memphis sometimes does a mating dance to impress Psycho. We are hoping that Psycho will become pregnant. If she does, she will lay her eggs in 4-6 weeks.

We will keep you informed.

Thien-An Dang and Sama Lingampally 56HM



Fish Farm Breeding Program at HFCS

Our school has been given the ability to keep fish at our school so we have started a breeding program for two fish, one is called Yara Pigmy Perch and the other is the Southern Purple Spotted Gudgeon.

The Yarra Pigmy Perch is endangered because of pollution in our water ways. We have also introduced fish like carp that eat their eggs. It is our fault that these fish are endangered and our school is trying to fix this problem. We have been given some Yarra Pigmy Perch and we are going to breed from them. After that, we will release them into the Salisbury Wetlands near the school.

At our school we also have the Southern Purple Spotted Gudgeon which is endangered as well. They are endangered because of habitat loss and fertiliser polluting their waterways.

This is a big breeding project that may go on for years. Since this is such an important project, we have been granted around $8000 for it.
We also have Sylvia Zukowski from Aqua Save working with us on this project.

Thien-An and Sama Lingampally – Yr 5HM