Diya lamps

Hey, guys, I made a Diya lamp, we used air dry clay and we had to mold it like it was so hard now I can’t put oil. Now we have to let it dry I am not patient I was samking my self. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I want to panitit so badly I cant wait until Diwali I get to go to the temple you get somthing sweet it is a traditonal food see you next time bye.file:///Users/hchauhan/Pictures/Photo%20Booth%20Library/Pictures/Photo%20on%2026-10-18%20at%201.55%20pm.jpg

Indian ocean

Hey, guys, I WANTED you to catch up with my learning so I been putting Indian ocean facts I really like learning because it is fun!Oh I like india the food is sweet.

I love indian songs I will put one on.

EXPERT JATT – NAWAB (Official Video) Mista Baaz | Juke Dock | Superhit Songs 2018 |


hey, guys, I know it is the holidays I just want to tell you 5 things I like doing at home. 1 is eating two is reading 3 is doing math I really really love math 4 playing on my laptop 5 I like kicking the ball of the wall see you the next time I do a new blogs post please leave a comment and dont forget to subscribe and see you guys next time goodbye.