5/6 HS and 5/6 MB Assembly Reflection

Today was 5/6HS and 5/6MB’s assembly. It was a Fringe theme. My favourite part in the assembly was the magic trick because Mr Pearce got to go up on stage and be fooled by the magicians. I didn’t like the jokes because it wasn’t funny to me. It was also Collaborative House Day and Clean Up Australia Day. My activity for Collaborative House Day was technology with Mr Pearce and Mrs Rodgers.

Week 5 Assembly Reflection

It was 5/6AE and 5/6HM’s assembly. I enjoyed the part when the minion said “Beedo”. The assembly made me feel happy because of the jokes they made. I learnt what stamina meant. I would like to try the Minecraft portrait because it looks fun and creative.

Friday the 8th Week 2: Reflection

My favourite task so far has been literacy because I like reading and writing books. I like the new classroom. It feels good to be there. I love being upstairs. One of the privileges of being upstairs is going outside and looking out of the balcony. The new friend I made is called Sreyleab. I worked with my friend Alex M.

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