Clock Making

Today in class we had to make clocks and we had to pick a partner or have a little group I chose Eva as my partner.

The clock we made was a analogue clock the hands can move around we use a pin, paper, scissors, plate  and a pen. It wasn’t easy for us to make the pin go though the plate but at the end it work out of how we wanted it to be. The red hand is the seconds  hand it goes around and never stops the little hand is the hour hand it moves very slowly the long hand is the minute hand every time it pasts a minute it moves. 

Times Table

This is my times table chart it is when we have to write our answer then Mrs Handforth will have to fill the chart then ask us random questions 7×10= then we have to say the answer then she will put a sticker on it if we can answer them quickly in different orders.

3JH and 3MP mass


I was doing the slide show for the mass and Mrs Papillo ask me to do the slide show and I was happy that I got to do something for the mass.


At sports we  were doing  European handball we had a tie and my captain was Harsimrat. The other team’s captain was Abbey and it was really fun playing European handball. And  European handball is made of Basketball



On comic life we had to do a day with robots and I had a very busy day with robots.

The BIG day

This is went me and my friends made a big Iron man. It was really hard to do but we did it. In my group was Eva, Sama,Michelle,Sreyleab, Riya and me. We put silver aluminium foil it was really hard I think we use 5 rolls of it.


This is my money robot and  his name is  Rax and he makes money for the bank and there is a camera so they know if there is robbers and the bank has to put special paper in it but if they put normal paper it would’t work so only the bank could do it.


Book Week Dress Up Day!

Today was book week dress up day I dress up as batgirl and my favourite book was Rodney loses it and there were other ones like Hark it’s me Ruby lee and the second sky and the very noisey baby and I’m Austrian to I like Rodney loses it because he likes drawing and he lost his pen that was near his ear and at the end he lost his glasses but they were on his head and I fort it was funny so that’s why I like the book.

My Learning