Country Investigation

Today was Country Investigation Michelle did Iran I was doing my Country book called Curiosity about the world we are almost finish but we still need to finish.

I helped Michelle do the side show because she helped me when I did Brazil.


This is what the Flipchart looked like

Country Investigation

Today we did Country Investigation I made the Brazil flipchart it was hard and I was scared going in front of the whole class to show the Brazil Flipchart I made.


In  Country Investigation I was finishing my book. It was made by Isabella (me), Sama and Michelle we started it sense term 1 at the start of the year.


3JH’s and 5PP’s Assembly Our blue Planet

On the 16th of November it was 3JH’s and 5PP’s assembly I had a reading part for the prayer.

Frist we had the welcome to 3JH’s and 5PP’s Assembly then we had a little acting then it went to the pow wow dance after that we had how the curry river was made when it was on we had to walk to the side of the stage and put on the sea creatures masks. after that we had more acting then we had the sea creatures dance it was showing how all the pollution goes all in the ocean killing animals. Other more acting we had themy the ocean dance.






Me patting a KANGAROO!

When I went to Australia zoo I  patted a  baby kangaroo it was soft we could feed the kangaroos but I didn’t want to it was my first time patting a kangaroo I was really happy that we could pat the kangaroos I also patted a big kangaroo and also I saw a baby kangaroo in its mummy pouch.

The rest of my week at Brisbane

On the SENOND  day I went to (WET and WILD) I went with my cousin and my Aunty it was fun. I went on this big water slide you had to use a mat and slide down. After WET and WILD I went to a gaming place.

On the THIRD day I went to see my other aunty and uncle.


On the FORTH day I went Shopping for the WHOLE day.


On the FIFTH day I went shopping again.

Going on holiday to BRISBANE day 1


On the FIRST day I went to Brisbane. Went we got off the airplane we went to Australia Zoo I saw heaps of different things from Adelaide Zoo.



Clock Making

Today in class we had to make clocks and we had to pick a partner or have a little group I chose Eva as my partner.

The clock we made was a analogue clock the hands can move around we use a pin, paper, scissors, plate  and a pen. It wasn’t easy for us to make the pin go though the plate but at the end it work out of how we wanted it to be. The red hand is the seconds  hand it goes around and never stops the little hand is the hour hand it moves very slowly the long hand is the minute hand every time it pasts a minute it moves.