Remembering when I went to the zoo

in term 2 I had a excursion and I went to the zoo with my class I was in a group with my friends with Stefan’s mom Djaran, Josh, Kai, Luka and Stefan we went to visit the hippos first and then went to the nocturnal house in the nocturnal house there was animals that lives in the dark when we were near the end of the trip we saw the giraffes we also saw a fennec fox it was sleeping and it was so CUTE also creepy because I saw a rams skull we saw the lions too but they had a fight so yeah thats it

Outdoor Ed day and Assembly

to day it was my assembly and it was outdoor ed day in my assembly I was a blue tang and a blue tang is a fish and I was also a Canadian Native American we were dancing to the powwow dance from the Native Americans and at the end we danced to cake by the ocean and at the end of the dance 12 of us showed our dance talent I was with Kai and we did a fortnite dance it was disco fever we were number 10 in outdoor ed day I had 3 activities 1 was board games 2 was bird feeders 3 was jump rope and twister I played twister twice I played twister with Kai, Djaran, Josh, Arnav, Asher and Bon but I don’t have pictures

Diwali making



Yesterday i made a oil lamp for diwali and it’s for 3mp’s assembly it was made of clay but first we had to squish it to make it soft and then we started shaping it and i used a rolling pin to make it flat and then I used some of my extra clay and I ripped a small part of my extra clay and put it as decorations and I rolled another piece of the extra clay to make the handle and I had to make it long so in can fit and I flatten it down so It could stay together and then I curved so it looked like a handle.

NFL logos

For mindfulness I all ways do my NFL logos I really like the NFL because

some NFL players are tough and the moves of NFL are good and the Jerseys are really really really cool. my favourite player in the NFL is Juju Smith-Schuster

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