My Fun day :)

Today we had so much fun First I started of and I Did a dance with Lilah Ruby Tori And me myself it was really fun Next I did a scratch About Brazil and we did country investiagons and it was Brazil I Had so much fun 🙂

Out Door Day 😜

Out door Activates Today We Did 3 activates and I did 1st Stem That was you would go to the front of the centre the old library and you could do twisted lego jenga it was so so much fun 2nd Outdoor Yoga We did yoga aND I Did so much I can almost do the splits and all so I strurced a muscle on my foot 3rd And last it Was bird feeding We made a bird feeder we made it coloful and then we put strings on it to hang it up next we put seeds inside then hang it up for the birds to eat


we did a assembly I was a seahorse it was so much fun it was about the ocean we did a pow wow dance it was very easy

Thats All for now Bye 💕

Sea Work

Today I dragged a angler fish it was hard but worth it

If you can’t see the facts this is what it says it says

The fish uses this appendage like a Fishing Lure

Waving It Back and Forth to Attract

Its prey a angler fish has a round

Body sharp teeth and it is very large

Its prey is Shrimp Snail And Crustactans

Hope you like work

🐟 😝