today we did county investigtion and Michelle made the stuff in the Flipchart and the county was Iran and there was origami and drawing there was a cheater and a lion and so we did a gift box and Eva,devon,me and arrow Eva and Devon helped me to fold the paper and we did the top and the top was the same as the bottom.

1ER And 4AE buddy assembly

today we went to 1ER and 4AE and first they did transformers and they transformed cool and they walked around and they showed a video when they made the transformers when they were walking  then they did a dance when everyone in the assembly dance altogether and then there was a African dance and athou wasin the dance and first 2  people tryed to kill this person and it was so awesome. The dance then showed how the tribes became friends.

outdoor educational day

Today we did outdoor educational day and we did it after recess my 3 activities was TBA and that is bored games and bird feeders and hand ball and foilss hunters. and Isaiah was with me with TBA and bird feeders and Kayla s and Emily was there too and tab was fun first we played uno and there was a other person and I won next we did twisters and after when we finish TBA we did bird feeders what we did is got a cup and colour it and then the teacher pocks holes we had to mark it so he knows when and we had to put seed in it and put it on a tree and the last one was hand ball and foils hunters.

Year 3 sleepover


me, arrow and Devon we did taekwondo I like it because we made it fair because we took turns of doing it and all of us took 5 shots and it was fun and we kept falling over

my group did the air gym outside and the lady there told us what to do when we bounced and at the end we got to do your own thing


3mp and 5cm’s Assembly

today we performed a Diwali Assembly I was in the story of Rama and Sita I was hanuman the monkey king

and  my buddy Ryan was in the monkey army and I ruled the monkey army I enjoyed the Rama and Sita story and I was in it  the best part for me was being the monkey king because I bowed to Rama and lakshman and hand shakes to them I used bravery because I was to shy to come out to people to see me.

and the India dance and music. I liked my buddy because he was Nice and kind to me and funny

My Diya lamp

today I painted my diya lamp and I put the colours pink and purple and that makes galaxy and blue but I didn’t put blue I painted pink in the middle and purple on the sides and I put a little bit more pink on the sides after I put silver glitter and golden glitter.

My moon lantern

this is my moon lantern and I worked with arrow and his name is king octopus and I used purple tin foil for the tentacles we used 4 pop sticks for each square and a crown and arrow made the  eyes and we drawed the mouth and inside there is cotton balls  and purple tin foil on the back so you can see the cotton balls.