In our double class assembly this year my role was to be a narrator i had 2 lines to say that where “its our assembly today?” starting off our assembly and my other line was “so this is the part of the assembly where we show a video showcasing our classmates many talents” i practiced to make sure that i knew my lines of by heart i think that i said them quite clear and loud enough i tried to play my role as good as i could. i enjoyed the assembly and thought that it was a awesome topic of the assembly i was also wan included in the dance and i enjoyed writing some of the scrips and i think that this made me become more creative and i love coming up with new fresh ideas. I think that every thing in our assembly went smoothly and that everyone did a great job. I defiantly think that the audience enjoyed it to especially the caricatures part and we all had fun doing it which is the best part.  

Hi its Jamie!

hello welcome to my blog, my name is Jamie i’m 12 years old in year 7.

i like soccer and footy my favorite subject is P.E i also enjoy English kinda i support Adelaide Crows and in soccer i support Juventus and Manchester united. i like to eat and play ps4 and games like over watch, FIFA and rocket league and I’m in



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