About Jennifer Nguyen

Hi There!

My name is Jennifer Nguyen and welcome to my blog.

I hope you enjoy this little post about myself so lets start off.

My name Jennifer Huynh Nguyen I’m 12 years old and is Vietnamese this year I am a year 7 at Holy Family Catholic School my class is 6/7JW. My favourite colour is blue and Tiffany blue. I have five members in my household my dad, mum, older sister and myself including my 3 year old puppy named Bibi which makes five members. My subject at school is art and science, I really enjoy doing art because I get to express my creativity. I have a few close friends who names are Jessica Hansongkram, Jessica Le, Jessica Chau, Lisa Mao, Sally Dang, Amber Chau, Kim Anh Tong and a few other girls but these are the main. I have a lot of interests but the main ones are gardening, cooking, slime, dancing, singing, drawing and a couple others. I really hope you enjoy this little post about me and will see you soon in another post!

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