Assembly Reflection 6/7JW & PN

On the 9th of March 2018 was our assembly (6/7 JW & PN) it was a very enjoyable experience and a good fun to take part in and this is my reflection it.

My part in the assembly was to draw a few caricature of the teachers in our school. If you are wondering caricature is a art style that is an exaggeration of a single or multiple feature of someone’s face which is meant to be a good laugh to look at. My other part of the assembly was reading the language of the week which I didn’t get to practice before because of some slow process of the script but it was a funny experience.

Before the assembly everyone was rushing to finish the props for our assembly which had the theme of the game show called “The chase”, other students had to do the caricatures for the students and others practicing the class dance. The process of me doing the caricature of teachers was slightly stressful since I didn’t realise I had to do two other ones after my first. It took time to perfect my first one and had to eventually rush to complete the last two at the last minute. However I really enjoyed doing these caricature since I love doing art so it wasn’t a big deal and I was thrilled to do the caricatures for the three lovely teachers and to express my creativity. After everything was done the class had to learn the dance of the song called “Thunder” which was a great song choice though Hilary and I didn’t participate in it since we had to do the caricature but watching our class do it was quite fun. Two days before our assembly everyone practice their parts and rehearsed on stage, who ever didn’t have a part would be the audience for our game show themed assembly except for me but I was fine since I got to watch and see how the assembly would look like while finishing of my caricatures. I thought that everyone did very well at rehearsals despite us only practicing twice before out assembly.

On our assembly everyone was very excited and nervous. As the curtains opened our assembly had actually began, I took a little peek and could see the whole entire school waiting for us to start. Everyone sat at their designated spot on stage while I was standing backstage waiting for my part to arrive. On the side of the stage I was very proud of my classmate and the effort they put into the assembly by smiling, sitting still and projecting their voice loudly and clearly, I could really tell that our teachers where quite nervous and extremely excited by the way they were acting. During the assembly there was many time where I was cracking up, then the dance happened and everyone did very well there was some obvious stumble but I was again proud at my classmates for being so brave and participating in the dance even though probably everyone didn’t want to do it. Hilary and myself watched from the side as everyone finished the dance then it was my turn to announce the language of the week I walked on stage nervously and read my short sentence alongside with my classmate. At the end of the assembly there was a video showcasing our class caricature of ourselves.

My favourite parts of the assembly was when the make up artists (Amber and Jessica) walked on stage during the ad break and started to apply flour on the hosts (Judd and Jemma’s) face which left with white patches all over their faces and clothes and had me dying of laughter. Another favourite part of the assembly was when the the contestants and the chaser where guessing the caricature of the teachers, I really enjoyed this part because the students were shouting out which teacher they thought and that everyone was laughing at the caricature. During that moment I thought that it was nice that the students took part in our assembly by shouting out the answers and it was just a good fun listening to everyone laughing.

Overall the assembly was a blast and everyone did extremely well at our assembly.

This is my reflection on our class assembly, I hope you enjoy this post and here are the pictures of my caricatures that I drew

Thank you for reading my post I hope you enjoyed it and read about my learning in class

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My name Jennifer Huynh Nguyen I’m 12 years old and is Vietnamese this year I am a year 7 at Holy Family Catholic School my class is 6/7JW. My favourite colour is blue and Tiffany blue. I have five members in my household my dad, mum, older sister and myself including my 3 year old puppy named Bibi which makes five members. My subject at school is art and science, I really enjoy doing art because I get to express my creativity. I have a few close friends who names are Jessica Hansongkram, Jessica Le, Jessica Chau, Lisa Mao, Sally Dang, Amber Chau, Kim Anh Tong and a few other girls but these are the main. I have a lot of interests but the main ones are gardening, cooking, slime, dancing, singing, drawing and a couple others. I really hope you enjoy this little post about me and will see you soon in another post!

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