My Assembly Reflection BRUH 6/7JW & 6/7PN

My name is Jan and my assembly was in week 6, My assembly theme was the chase and it was a success so in my assembly we did the Kaurna welcome and then we started asking the chasers and the contestants questions that were related from holy family (A.K.A our school) and the chasers were all wrong expect one question was wrong the second contestants did one wrong answer and the chaser got it right then after that we had the “guess that person” thing and the contestants won after that we did the dance and at the end we announced the sports captain for this year and congrats the swimming people. I had a role, my role was being the chaser sigh, what I did was help with the set and that stuff so yeah


I’m the one with the shirt with the pink heart


HELLOOOO WORLD MEH NAME IS JANJEARA KOR but ya’ll can call meh Jan why? Because EVERYONE calls meh Jan

I love to play games and my tow favourite games are      Minecraft and roblox

I love to listen to pop music.             And I also love to eat and eat watermelon.

I’m that girl who is VERY lazy I also LOVE to sleep because I’m lazy!

I’m in 6/7 JW



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