Wonder Exursion

Today I was at a cinema and we watched wonder it is a movie that is a sad movie with a guy with ‘treacher collins syndrome’ when you are born with smaller parts of your body, the movie was really sad and people started to cry like even some BOYS and Clarence brought a towel and a packet of tissues if she was going to cry . I had chips and lollies and drinks it was fun today and I Really loved the movie and the day!.


Today it was an assembly and it was about the Christmas story of Jesus Noah and a buddy and a girl was reading about the story, I like the part how Luca said about his country Croatia dance. Even I liked how they did the religion acting.

In my weekends I’m going out with my family and im going to play with my friends, and I’m going to play with all my family friends and I might see my other friends in my house and play games.

Last week all my friends came to my house for my party and I got a new game in ps4 it was FIFA 18!!!!! it was so good I invited Nati, Patrick Steve, kuot, Jospeh, Alex, Dennis, and my self we had icd cream cake and an envelope gave we. has soooo much fun :))

That Christmas feeling

All i want for Christmas..

What I want for Christmas is some clothing with blue ripped jeans from culture kings and maybe a gift card of rebel sports and maybe a game. I love Christmas because it is when Jesus is born and my family goes out and celebrates Christmas with my family. “That Christmas feeling” is about a family trying to celebrate Christmas and when the family tried too celebrate Christmas by making a cake but the cake but then there was no icing so they couldn’t make a cake. then she was ulster and she went to her room and started to cry but then the grandpa came and was trying to figure out what has happened and she went outside and he was still figure out what happened outdoes and then she looked at the stars and she said because she missed her mom and dad.

5/6 DE and R/1MR assembly

Today was my next door class, it was actually really good I enjoyed when they did the soccer video on the created channel (Holy Family tube) they put all kind of sports like soccer and cameron was putting the logo the logo was really good. The kindest part when they said what is it I liked the first one kuot’s because he said a nice one.


In the weekends I am going o aquatic cenetere with some of my friends then I am going to church

Today’s Assembly

Today was an assembly and It was about the little kids “Big Shot” Its like a show that little kids have talents, I liked the assembly because my cousin was there and he was really good he did the around the world and I loved it. also I didn’t really like the gymnastics and the singing and the dance

My goals and achievements is to get at least 6 A’s and be the smartest year 5 in my class.

I am greatful for getting a new spot so I can concentrate and not getting distracted with my friends

I am grateful for getting good news by my teacher in class

I am grateful for my dad getting me a new surprise that my friend nato is coming to my house





Today was a Holy Family School assembly and it was good assembly for me, what made me into it was that when the part of the “Good Samaritan” about Jesus and the bible is because when every person left the guy that was hurt a guy came up to him and healed him that is what made me feel really good so if I see someone hurt and if I forgive him or something I will help him and take him to the office. I liked the assembly because it was my first time dancing first time  it was fun.

I wonder..

I wonder if I could go to the future and see how long I will live


Today I saw an assembly and it was then year two mrs Higgs class I think it was really good even though when they did the painting of creativity it was fake but it was good at the same time. I liked how they did “what do you wanna be when you grow up” because my brother is looking forward to find a job and he is looking to be a doctor or some kind of similar job, also on the screen there was a couple of groups wanted to be a doctor and nurse, what made me happy was that my mum is a nurse and my brother is going to be a doctor.