Are Class Assembly

On my assembly I was in the whole assembly what I did first. I was in a powwow dance me and kai were laughing our heads off. Second what I did I was a shark in my blue planet I think did great as a shark I ate some turtle’s, fish and some octopus. third I was getting catched by RUBISH! my buddy got me. forth I was reading a part last I did cake by the ocean dance I loved our assembly.

About Time I Know

This is my new high score that I did about time I know my high score if you can’t see it’s 300:o. When the teacher told me to clean up I did 10 more time questions I did them really quick. You mite find it a tiny bit hard but there a little secret to the game or I should say time. When you get it wrong you can press THE UTHER ONE!!! then it’s correct then you press next. So I only did it once I wanted to do pm and am because I like to do it it was good I think.

My Clock I Made With Kai

I made a clock with kai I learn that I had to know the time before I put the arrows. On the big dot in the middle and when me and kai did it. We put bigger lines we did got an idea from Eva and Bella.I also learnt that there were 60 lines for the minutes and 12 numbers for the hours.And you could have rectangle clocks too the paper plate was the idea we got.So it can go tick tick tick tick.