This morning it was assembly it was fringe theme. There was animals, clowns and dance my family friend was up there and there was magic. They chose mr.pearce everyone laughed there was a bearded dragon it likes strawberries.Before lunch I went to basketball I had a lot of fun the I rotated to AFL my partner was Paxton. I scored a lot of goals then I went to netball. I did a scoring gam after I went to class and had salad roll’s I had ham, cheese and lettuce it was yummy. I also did clean up Australia Day and picked up alt of rubbish

assembly reflection

During the assembly i was nervous but i really enjoyed it i really liked the last dance i really

like when i did the orange justiceĀ  it was funny when josh got a beard the crowd was laughing

when i did the orange justiceĀ  and they were cheering when the minecraft classroom i really

like joshes classroom i think he put alot of work into it? i really enjoyed it i want to do it agian.




Yesterday i made a scratch animatons it had alot of hard work put in to it

My Times Tables Diploma

This is my diploma for my 10 times tables.