Garma festival

1. What does the Garma festival Celebrate?

the festive celebrates the aboriginal and the Torres straight islanders

2. What do people do over the four days?

they dance, sing and shear storys.

3. What is this years theme? This years theme was speaking about truth.


4RG REF REQ Excursion to the Museum

On Friday week4 25th of may 2018 4RG REF REQ went to the Museum we got       there by a bus wen we got, we saw lots of animals. the Museum was  called South Australia Museum. We saw the Aboriginal stuff . we saw the famous aboriginals. when we fished we went to the botanic park we had so much fun.  


























Bionic Arm Builder

1. What helped Hannah build the bionic arm? a. Coding

b. Electronics


c.3D design


d. All of the above


2. What is bionic technology? Explain using your own words.

Program the whole hand to move its joints .

3. What can the bionic arm that Hannah built do?

Pick up a glass of water, Open the door,  Crack eggs.

Term 2 – Week 2 Guided Reading – Composting Awareness

1.What three things help start the composting process …

a. Bacteria
b. Insects
c. Fungi
d. All of the above √
What sort of fertiliser do the
kids add to their compost?
leates ,banana skin, tomato, carits, capsican
Explain what worms, slugs and other insects do to
improve the compost’s texture?
Insects and worms an slugs eat the the dee con poast mader
How does compost help our garden?

it dose ceep the plants helthy an the world helthya