BTN Response WK-9

1. North Korea has threatened war with America, the did that by threatening them with nuclear weapons. North Korea has been developing nuclear weapons and testing them, other countries did not like that because it was illegal and against international law. That is why North Korea threatened other countries [including America] that they will use nuclear weapons against them.

2. A sanction is a rule made from a country, to take power away from a country. In this case, America stopped sending and receiving things to and from North Korea. This was in order to stop them from using nuclear weapons and to stop them making more and testing the nuclear weapons.

3. Sanctions can really effect a country and cause poverty in the country. Not only can it effect the government but the innocent people. People will start losing jobs, the GDP will start to drop in the country that has the sanction, the whole economy will be effected including the government.

4. The advantages are that the sanction might stop North Korea from using and testing nuclear weapons. The negative side is that the people in America might be affected, but very rarely. Both of the economics will be effected, but mostly North Korea.

Media Response-WK 8

1. The main point of the video was to give us information and tell us how important the spacesuits really are, they also gave us a glimpse at the new spacesuit.

2. Astronauts wear spacesuits to protect them in space and to give the astronauts  oxygen, while keeping them cool with air-conditioners. Astronauts also wear them because of the temperatures in space, sometimes it’s very high and sometimes it’s very low.

3. In spacesuits there are approximately eleven layers, to keep them protected at all times.

4. Elon Mask the CEO of SpaceX, made a cool and futuristic design of a spacesuit. It doesn’t guarantee to do everything s normal spacesuit does, ‘yet’. It’s a mock up and is still being worked on.

5. The things I learned  in this video is that, spacesuits are very important to astronauts as they provide protection and keep the astronaut safe. I also learned a bit about the history of spacesuits, and how Russia and America made one of the first spacesuits. I learned that Elon Mask is working on a big dream and making a really futuristic and cool design of a spacesuit.

5 Facts About Different Countries

  1. In Russia authorities banned everything related to Emo Because, it was declared a threat to national stability.
  2. China is the most populated country in the world, which lead to a child law
  3. Most restaurants in south Korea including McDonald’s, will deliver food straight to homes in South Korea.
  4. In Denmark, citizens have to select baby names from a list of 7,000 government-approved names.
  5. In France, you can marry a dead person.

Blogging WK-7

1.The things that make me happy are my family, friends, food and Youtube.

2. The aim of the BTN survey is to listen to us and understand us. Learning what makes us happy, and the problems that we face.

3. Kids mostly worry about their health, family and future.

4. The university will look into the answers and look at what can be made better, and they will look at how we are doing.

5. I understood that there can be change, and people can actually help kids who really need it.


Media Response Pt-2

3. Being fair and even and giving people rights depending on their situations. Sometimes justice and law specifically for them, so they can have equal rights as others.

4. The different between these two are that equality means giving people only equal amount of rights and amount of something. Equity means giving rights or something based on the situation or the status of someone.

5. No, including all people equally, doesn’t mean  being equitably to all people. In equitably you give rights or money depending on status and the situation. Equality means giving even amount of right and or money.

6. We can host more activities that are actually incorporating everyone, no matter the sex, the race or anything else. We can also include people in our group that we don’t play with or talk to.

Blogging, Digital Literacy-WK 7

  1. Digital literacy is to use technologies to find information, create, communicate information and use these for research or work.
  2. The advantages are that it does not cost much to use it, it is Eco friendly, anyone can access the information and overall it holds more opportunity for people. Digital literacy has given people jobs, knowledge and much more, still to this day it is one of the most useful things in the world.
  3. I think the challenges are that sometimes not everyone can access it, like for example not everyone can afford an electronic device. Some people can’t get access to an internet connection, which holds a lot of information. Digital literacy also costs a lot to get it running, that’s why it’s not the best option out there ‘yet’.

Media Response -WK 6

  1. Inclusivity is an intention or policy where any person can participate or be treated like a normal human. It doesn’t matter about the sex, race, or if they are handicapped or disabled. They are treated fairly and like any other person.
  2. equality: Everyone gets the equal amount of something or gets equal rights. Sometimes even equality means being equal on opportunities. And again it doesn’t matter about what sex or race you are, or if your disabled, everyone gets equal rights, amount of something or opportunities.

Investigation Reflection WK 3

Today We investigated wood working  and building, It was in the old 6/7’s room. We used different tools and wood to make an art board. I worked with my friends Gabriel, Caleb and Khoa.

The new ideas that I discovered was measuring and teamwork, this work required a lot of teamwork. It was tough which meant I would discover new ideas.

I could discover new ideas by doing different jobs in my team, like I could try to sand the wood or measure the planks. We could put new designs in the art board.  Maybe we could use new materials, or different tools.

Can we use new material or paint and decorate the art board?Next time I would love to decorate or add new designs the art board         


Investigation Reflection-Week 3

I investigated making an easel in woodwork, with my group Caleb, Khoa and Alex. Today we were making it stand, this was actually very difficult then I had imagined. We faced a lot of problems, but in the end we had managed to complete it. I discovered problem solving, because we didn’t have hinges so we used bolts. I could develop new ideas by using less materials and being money friendly. Or by challenging ourselves with tough challenges we have never faced. I have no questions this time. I would like to make another one and decorate the one we have made.

BTN Response Fungi

Today I watched a video about fungi, in the video a school was learning about fungi and different types of fungi. The kids went and looked for their own fungi. There was a special researcher who helped the little kids about the fungi that grows.

Fungi helps the ecosystem by breaking down dead organic stuff/materials. This is also is a food to humans, but the number that you can eat is very low. You cannot eat some fungus/fungi because it can carry disease.

People believe that there is approximately 5 million fungus/fungi around the world.

I learned that fungus/fungi is important to the environment, it’s not just a random plant. I also learned that they have their own group like plants and animals.