Rhythm and rap

In music my class have been making a rap about ourselves and . it was really fun, here is my rap…


My name’s Kayla and I’m 9 years old,

Holy Family is where I go…

I’m a student, Big sister and a Role model too

I’m a unicorn lover, I’m good a friend and I love my school and I love purple and I’m very cool

I’m great at Reading, and I do it each day

I also like Chocolate when I get my way

I love my family and my friends too

I’m Kay Kay from Holy Family Catholic School!


My mate Melody is one fine dude

She beautiful and happy when she is in the groove

She’s wonderful and fantastic this friend of mine

And when she is, doing gymnastics  it’s mighty fine  unicorn’s  and chocolate are things she likes laughing and happiness , day and night

But I like Mel Mel cause she’s one of a kind

This Confident and happy  friend of mine.

Start Of Term 3

Hello if you have not forgotten my name is Kayla, I’m nine years old. I started to stop posting stuff at the end of 2018 but now in 2019 and term 3 I’m going to start posting again. We have a lot of catching up to do.


see you soon for another fantastic new post.



on Friday the 7.12.18 it was carols night my class did little snow flake and its Christmas time.

we made paper snow flakes  and put them on our hands using curly ribbon  and on the night we put them on our hands and sang little snow flake. after little snow flake we rushed to get the snow flakes off and put them into the basket that was on side stage then got into are new spots to sing and dance its Christmas time. I enjoyed spinning around, singing and dancing.     I wore black shorts and a t-shirt that said all I want for Christmas is  a unicorn.

the staff item was funny they sang baby shark. Mr Murray  was running around and being really funny and silly.       

sea week

  1. Sea week is a special time to celabrate the ocean.
  2. A habitat provides a safe place for animals and for shelter.
  3. you will find sharks, dolphins and turtles on the surface of the ocean.
  4. you will find no plants in the deep ocean because need sun to grow.
  5. furniture, cars and fuel tanks get transported across the ocean.
  6. I think many cities are near the ocean because  ships transport things to the cities
  7.  we can just pour water down the drain. put rubbish in the bins do not over fish.

my dolphin poem

I made a dolphin poem. when you read down the side you can see the word dolphin. for the letter d I written delightful. For the letter o I written ocean

animal. I wrote pretty and smart for P.

I written happy and playful for the letter h.

I written independent and smart for the letter i.

last I written nice and calm for the letter n. I hope you like my poem.

Out door ed day

today it was out  door ed day it was so fun. first I did out door yoga I enjoyed it we did the tree pose and the warrior pose. after that I played board games  in front of the centre.

next we went to the oval to play volleyball it was really fun.    my favourite activity  was…

the out door yoga it was the best. it was the best out door ed day ever!!!!!!!