in the holidays i went to nsw/new south wales and i competid in a judo compatsion  and i got 3rd place

my brother camron got 2nd place affter that on monday, tuseday ,wensday ,thursday and friyday

we went to my nans house affter that on sunday  my friends came over to my house ,i had lunch with them and we went on the trumalen the 8 year old is zoe on the left and the 7 year old on the right was rylee and me(8 year old) in the middle, when we went onto the trampalen  Zoe tried to do a front flip(i can do it) and the first time she landid YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY😄 Rylee tried but did not land(she laned on her but😂)


Outdoor Ed day

Today it was outdoor Ed day we got to do three things. First i did board games with Mrs Stam. Seccond  i made a bird feeder. Third i played some vollyball and handball. The first one was board games so i did coloring then i did skipping then i played a game called twister.The seccond one i did was bird feeding i made it so i got to decorate it then i got to do the third one it was vollyball and handball affter i did vollyball  then handball.

Our buddy Assembly 3MP 5CM

Today on Friday the 9th of November we had a buddy Assembly it was about Dawali i did a important part i was a Narrator with the other Narrator was the other Kayla\Kayla R. I loved!!!! doing it with her when i was back stage i was nerves well i liked the dancing i especially the little girl dance i loved doing the story telling it was relly


Hi you know i live in Adelaide ,of course you know my name (Kayla S) , i have a friend that lives in Sydney her name is Sophia and we met when i went to New South Wales now we send each other letters this year i am getting her something to open at Christmas.On Monday SHE SENT ME MY SECCEOND LETTER AND A FRIENDSHIP BRASLET WITH IT I AM SOOOO HAPPY WERE FRIENDS