Tuesday the 11th of September

Today it was Tuesday first we ate our brain food  and the teachers exsplaned what we was going to do in Numeracy

In Numeracy we did times tables on a website called Timestables.com https://www.timestables.com/5-times-table.html

click on the web site  to play it it will test your times tables 1 to 12.

then we had recess

so  affter  we had recess we did shared reading the book was called Robots

Did you know the people that made the movie Jurassic world because there was no more dinosaurs on earth they used Animatronics.


affter shared reading  we did literacey  i did a day with robots  which was on comic live i didn’t  finish mine but i think i did pretty good i am proud for what i have done:)


then affter  we sat on the mat and when we were on the mat we  talked about the  noise because we was getting sooo noisey (i said)

“when it is noisey i cant work because its to hard to learn im all ready useing my brain and it feels like my BRAINS GOING TO EXPLODE!!!”

Affter that we did fortnite it was boys vs girls we dont know who won? but that was fun we did fortnight because we could not go out to fitness  it was too windy that is why  we couldn’t go to the oval at fitness.

affter we did that we had lunch inside because it was sooooooooooooooo windy outside so i stayed inside with the rest of the class at lunch .


when we fineshed cleaning  up  we had prayer it was great

then for mindfulness i blogged some people was drawing or blogging like me

so then we did science about the moon, the sun and the earth

https://www.youtube.come/watch?=vkw54j82e9U watch the learning youtube video

then we went home and all said bye see you tomorow

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