14th of September 2018

Today we made moon lanterns mine was a sea moon lantern   i think i did a good job it was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO messy me and melody used the dustpan the brush was SOOOOO big Melody  holed  the thing that gets the rubish in it affter that i picked up the rubbish on the floor and i put the rubbish in the dust pan  affter that melody sweped the rubbish and while she was puting it in the bin me and Nikka puted the rubbish in a pile then when she came back we sweped it all up! When we were makeing the moon lanterns i helped Emily with some bits.It was soo fun making the lanterns i loved it!!!!

So before we did the moon lantern making  we whent to assembly it was a buddy assembly.



Today was a great day i loved doing the lanterns



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