Monday’s blog

Today I took a day of.Because I had a dance concert of Hip Hop.I know it’s really fast dancing to do.I had to be there at 8’o clock in the morning.And it finished at 10’o clock at night.I took a day of.Because there’s a dance brake up this afternoon.And I do NOT want to miss that do I(No I do not)It’s like about at 8’o clock at night.Now this is what it’s like.You have a Christmas celebrate,You have dinner there and you get to play board games.Lots and lots of things to do over there.

Country investigations

Today we had country investigators.I tried to draw a jaguar but then I did not want to draw it.So I wanted to do some thing else.BUT I DID NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO!So I said to myself…”DON’T WORRY I CAN DO THIS!”So I wondered and think for an minute and…I STEEL DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!So I just did not know.(sigh).So then the bell rings and it was tidy up time for all of me and the hall class to back up the class room.

Outdoor ed day (Friday)

Today we had outdoor ed day and our buddy Assembly.first of I was afraid.So I said to my self.”Don’t worry I can do this.”So yeah then I did it.Then I said.”(Sigh)Don’t worry I am brave(sigh)”So yeah it umm… it happened.Next we had brian food.Then we had outdoor ed day.1st I did Yoga 2nd I did borid games 3rd I did bird fearers.

Wednesdays blog

Today it’s halloween we had allot of fun.I had an scary mask and I scared some people like Lia,Eva and Ruby.It was really funny that I nearly had tears.Then we had some reassess and we watch this film at the same time.It was about this kid who rote her name on this random wall.Then there was this doll that was her.So the little girl tried opening the door.Then it did open so she tried getting the doll of her but then it vanished then went on the wall with the other dolls.So she tried getting the doll and then she be came the doll.

Todays blog

This morning we did our timetable and then we watched assembly of 3MS and 5DH.It was about dance boss.I liked the 5th dance because the dance was better then the others.And then the spires happened…THAY CAME 1ST.Then after the assembly we had recess.After Recess we watched nanny mc fee and the Big Bang.It was good.Then we did have lunch and I played handball with some other kids that I did not know but then I became friends.Then the bell rang and I had to go back to class and then we watched nanny mc fee.And then we went out and we looked at some animals.


Today joining class we did investors.I made an two things like an thing that is similar to an flip book.So I drew an fish on one side and an boll on the other.Then I got an led pencil and stickt it on the boll side with some tape.Then I  span the led pencil back and forbid and it looks like the fish is in the boll.Then I started to make an flip book of and cat sleeping then a dog comes around and barks at the cat and the cat falls down the Clift and the dog eats it.Then we had resess


My clock gos up to 12 the minutes 5 one of the hands is big and one of the hands is small.You can move the hands to what ever you want it to.Like 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 up to 12:00.You can do day night day night DAY NIGHT DAY NIGHT!!!