Today joining class we did investors.I made an two things like an thing that is similar to an flip book.So I drew an fish on one side and an boll on the other.Then I got an led pencil and stickt it on the boll side with some tape.Then I  span the led pencil back and forbid and it looks like the fish is in the boll.Then I started to make an flip book of and cat sleeping then a dog comes around and barks at the cat and the cat falls down the Clift and the dog eats it.Then we had resess


My clock gos up to 12 the minutes 5 one of the hands is big and one of the hands is small.You can move the hands to what ever you want it to.Like 1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 up to 12:00.You can do day night day night DAY NIGHT DAY NIGHT!!!

Hello world!

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