What is my goal YG BUB

Academic Goal

In school next term, I want to improve my times tables. To do this, I will…. write the times tables for a certain number every day.


Personal Goal

I want to be a more positive person. I will do this by being grateful and saying thank you to God for something at the end of each day.

I want to make 1 extra friend next term. I will do this by… finding someone new, and asking them about themselves.

blogging week:9

I am creative when i am writing a book I put pictures in the book and I trace the pictures with a Blake [black] texture [texta].

I am creative when I did a activity on bully  and buddy with my buddy. I was creative when I did a aboriginal drawing with my friend.


4RG Fishing Excursion

The bus was 10 minutes late.

On the bus I sat next to Leon.

The lake that we went to was the west lakes shore.

I learnt  how to cast the line I can cast the line so far.

I learnt how to put the worms on the hock and the bait.I did some crabbing.

I got a star fish I got a small star fish and I got a Mummy star fish and a Dady star fish and I put the star fish on the rock so we could take a photo of the star and then we put the star fish back in the water.

The håll class was climbing the tree some of them were trying to go up to the top of the tree and some stade (stayed) down low.

Me and my partner Leon did not get ane (any) fish at all the fish just bitting the food.

If I got a fish I would be takeing the fish of the rode if it is a small fish we put the fish back in the water and if it is a big fish we put the fish in a bucket and take it to school.

Then we had lunch and after recess we went to the playgrand on the rope we had a Hanging comper tisian I won the copper tisian (competition) the one hoo came second was a boy he had red blasts  on his hand I did to so we put water on awe hand’s.

Then we did some more fishing I still got nothing or Leon. after fishing then we had lunch for lunch I had nodals (noodles) for lunch.

Now we are going bake to school on the way back to school I sat next to Leon agen (again) wen we got to school had ice bloke’s.