Kenny’s Assembly Reflection

Pre: The way I contributed to the assembly was to help make the song with the assistance of Austin, V-T and Tyson. Since I had to make the music for assembly, I had to use GarageBand. I added some drummers to make the foundation of the track and the start of the song. I then added a blue part of the song to make the cool sound effects. The song needed some editing so I edited the sounds and volumes of the song etc. I heard the song to see if it was perfect and yes it was.

During: My role in the assembly was to be part of the audience, clap and do nothing else interesting. I was to watch the contestants answer questions while under pressure caused by the Chaser. Anyway, near the end of the assembly I also had to dance with the whole class. Do some very complicated moves, while listening to the song “Thunder.”

Post: Overall, I got to make some wonderful music for the assembly and be part of theĀ audience while watching and clapping for the contestants’ wins. At least I got to dance to the song “Thunder” at the end.

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