Assembly Reflection !

Today was our class assembly, my roles in the assembly wreathe chase sign helper, an artist who drew a caricature and also a prop maker. Though we started all of the work a bit late, we still managed to get it all done and the performance we gave was incredible !

Our assembly was based on the game show “The Chase”. In this game show, contestants are required to answer questions and if they get it, right they will win money and they are also required to compete with the chaser.

The feed back we got from teachers and fellow students also gave us good feed back, in my opinion, the assembly was really fun and enjoyable but it also involved lots teamwork.

Welcome to my blog ☁️🏹

Hey, my name is Kathleen ! Welcome to my blog I am 11 turning 12 in May and I’m in 7th grade. I have many different interest but my main interest are in music, photography & k-pop. My favourite singer(s) are BTS, they are a global pop band that are very popular currently. I also enjoy reading and writing books, traveling to new places and just things like that make me happy ! Places I would like to travel to when I’m older are America, Canada, Europe, HongKong, Japan, South Korea and Singapore. I have an older sister who is currently in high school and a half-brother that lives in Vietnam. I am three-quarters Vietnamese and a quarter Cantonese. Please look forward to my future blog post !

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