Assembly Recount

What was your role for the assembly?

In the assembly, I played multiple roles for the assembly. When I was drawing the caricature of Mrs. Giannakakis, I had to sketch out the basic shape design and this includes which facial feature you want to enhance and make larger. You then go in with a dark shade of black to define the drawing a little more. You colour in the caricature (obviously) and you’re done!! It’s optional if you want to add a background or something extra into the drawing. My other role in the assembly was to paint some props for the assembly like the contestant name board and the big “chase” sign. I think it’s pretty self-explanatory on what to do for painting the props.


Assembly Recount:

During the assembly I wasn’t on stage often and I think the only time I was on stage was when I was doing the dance. Apart from that I did have some “appearances” on stage whether it was my work being shown or if it was a pre-recorded voiceover. One example is when I wrote the email to my parents and Mr. Winters picked me to record a voiceover for my email and I regretted writing a lot in the email. Another scene in the assembly that I appeared in was the teacher caricature. Do you remember earlier how I explained the process of creating caricatures? I was actually explaining how I drew Mrs. Giannakakis. At first I didn’t want to partake in the dance because honestly, dancing just isn’t something I like to do I general (unless it’s k-pop dances) but then fewer people participated so I had to participate in the dance.

about me ✧

Hello world!! My name is Lara and I’m a year 7 this year. This is my last year as a primary student so I hope this year will go smoothly. My best friends are Nhi, Uyen and My. I’m really excited to be learning under the supervision on Mr Winters and improve my learning for high school next year. I like anime and kpop and I also love hanging out with my friends. I love taking pictures to save those memories and I love thinking about last year when me and Nhi had Anna and Thanh to talk to but sadly they graduated. My favourite foods are noodles, rice, sushi, ramen and matcha. I love to dance to kpop and make weird faces such as puffing my cheeks out and I also LOVE LOVE LOVE listening to music.

I don’t know what else to write because this is just and introduction paragraph but hopefully I can share my learning on here.


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