Making our Robot’s eye’s light up.

Today in class we made our own robots. These are some photos of me with my robot. This is the robot circuit that I made. The circuit that we made was light up. I give a big thank you to Mr Ryan who helped me make the circuit to make my Robot’s eye’s light up. The circuit that I made was made out of  plastic, light and electricity. The rest of the robot was made out of paper and cardboard. I would have liked to take my robot home but we didn’t  because of a incident that happened in the past.



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my learning power

this is my results in learning power quiz we had to answer 62 questions on it i think it was very,very fun to do we got it in a email on outlook  and we can reply to the people  that email us  and we can

 email each other on this is it cool because we can  email  at home.