Numeracy reflection week 7

I like working with my friends in Numeracy because they help me to do numeracy. I like best friends to help me because sometimes it is to hard or maybe sometimes. I can confuse myself in numeracy but I have to do it by myself  but my friend won’t help me because sometimes they help me sometimes they don’t. (Teacher support)


Week 7 BTN- Dingoes

  1. Explain some difference between dingoes and dogs.

Dogs and dingoes are different because dogs are pets, dingoes not they are dingoes

2. Why are dingoes sometimes a ‘pest’ for some farmers?

Farmers don’t like dingoes because the dingoes is eating the sheep because dingoes are hungry



Dairy entry for my Fishing Excursion

yesterday I sat with my friend on the bus. we looked at the window I see a house and cars. I went fishing

with my class to the west lake. when I got there I saw all the fishing rods. my fishing partner was Kimberley.

Jason and Mr MCarthr help us learn how to fish I use the fishing rode to try cash a fish. we use some worms

and maggots for the fish. I didn’t cash any fish and my partner didn’t cash any fish. we were playing  on the rocks

and star fish. we saw a star fish we looked at them we grab them and we take a photo of them. but becareful

if you break them they we die. we play on the playground we play. the floor is lava and my teacher said who can

hold the longest. the monkeys bars four hour then you we get a ice block. we eat recess and lunch.

we held back to school and my teacher lets us some free time. we see photo at school then its home time.