Learning about Brazil !!!

today we were doing country investigation  and we were learning  and looking and searching  about Brazil   and  Isabella made the flipchart and we were watching a video that had a lot of facts about  Brazil  and I  was really interested  in Brazil and there was a fact and it said there are 130 million Catholics in Brazil  and I really thought that was interesting    and I enjoyed the flipchart!!!!


   today me and my class were learning about clocks ad we made a clock with a partner or by yourself but I did it with one of my friends Sleyeub and we made this clock together and we like  it and i hope you guys like it too. 😄

Outdoor door ed day!

Today  was Outdoor ed day.  I and my class were going outside for the wholeeeeeeeee day! we all  had 3 actives to do we did 2 in between recess and one after lunch I had 3 actives, my first one was Outdoor yoga  and then after outdoor yoga for 2 I have TBA   and my third one that was after lunch was  Stem it was the same as TBA and I was surprised  that I was going o do the same thing witch was board games and drawing and lego and triwister  and  they were all pretty fun and it made me happy to see other  kids and little kids smiling and playing around. and it made me really happy to see them happy!

3MP /5MC Assembly.

Today was 3MP’s  Assembly with our buddies we were talking about Diwali and what the meaning is for Diwali and some of the Hindu people were dancing to some of their traditional songs and there was a Play which was about the story of Rama and Sita  Paxton was Rama and Seryleab was Sita.  if you haven’t heard about the story of Rama and Sita its about  a king and he had two wife’s and for each of the wife’s  they have 5  kids each and  one of the wife’s saw Rama  and Sita kissing and the wife was jealous and she wanted her son to be king, not Rama  they the king  and then she told the king to  make Rama to be expelled from the kingdom for 14 years and he went to  to the forest  with Sita and his Brother   there was a terrible demon king called Ravaana he took Sita and Sita left a trail of  her  jerolly

and Rama and Sita followed the path and they met a monkey king and he agreed to help look for Sita and  after a long search they found her and they went in  a great battle and Rama  shot   Ravana and  When Sita and Rama came back after their 14 years  they walked  out of the forest and they saw light lit  up that’s why they celebrate Diwali !  🙂