My light bot

Lust week we did our Light t bot making we did it no Thursday & Wednesday but it was the other away around.

I did a bot one week or for tow weeks I do not know.But then I did main on Thursday , And then  we put to pins to gather and we put wider on it so it will work.


Class luning

We are omost dun with the robot work.I’m so sad that we are finish it off sooooo sad 😪.


Moon lantern

Today we did the moon lantern making I was doing a icecram but I did not do it because the straw did not bends I worked with Ruby, but then I was doing an under sea but that did not work so then I went back to ruby to do the night sky.

Then we coloured the top of the lantern. Then it took a long time for me and Ruby to finsh it.

The fish farm

There is a fish farm there is going to be a new fish farm in the old library it is not finished yet, and there is a mouse,

it lives in a tank for fish it sleep in tishyou boxs


Today I did a robot with my grup me and Stefan we made the legs it was hrud. The robot  is umgins the legs are long. the robot is going to be cuffing in tin floral are silver pant. The robot is bigger then me. We had to do a lot of cutting and taping so it will stand to gether if we do not stick it to gather it will fall daun on to the grand then we have to do it again .me and Stefan made the legs one was bigger then the other one the smell one at the biotin of tt is bigger then the other one was small.We did time work. it took a lot of tap if the had muvd  I WUD TAP IT TO GETHER.





My Robot work

1.Today I did a robot. The robot pics up leaves it does  not like leaves because the Animals cud chock  on the leaves and die.

2.And if one falls it will see to and then go an pike it up.

3.The robot as a bin is the middle of it  hi will swoon the LEAVES then it will go in the bin.