5\6AE and 5\6HM

  1. The Assembly made me happy because  it was good
  2. I Liked the Assembly because I liked when they did  the  Netflix and  the apple remote.
  3. My favourite  part was the end dance and the  spiking parts.
  4. I liked the songs on the I movies and the song for the end  dance there was three songs meshed in to one for the end dance.

5\6AE 5\6HM Assembly

1.Th assembly Made me happy because it was good.

2.I like the assembly because I liked the when they did the Netflix and the apple remote

3.My faourte purt was the end dance and the speaking parts.

4.I liked the songs on the  iMovies and the song for the end dance there was three songs mechecl into one end dance



Today I did a dance with Tori and me and Ruby and Jai it was fun me and Tori and Ruby sat on the 3 chars and Charle was the DJ and she gave us the paper too me and tori and ruby we did the dance to  Desposito. we had not a long time to praticxs the dance so tori said to do just as she dus the dance so me and ruby did what she did and then Jai just did what the boy did.

outdoor ed day

Today was out door day at my SCHOOL and the things that I did were: hand ball and  fossil hunting:2:Stem with Ms Stam I DID skipping and chess with Tori:3:Then I did bird feeders it was fun. We used a cup and colours and string. I think I will hang mine on my gate at home. my fravrit one was the bride feeders


the sleeperover

On Friday it was the year 3 it was fun the girls got one side of the hill and the boys got the other side of the hill and we had pizza w got dried behind the back stag.The flee the is slept on was so so hred .But then I moved to the her
bed that Tori was going to sleeper on but then she went with Ms Handforth.

My Robot

Today we deshdrod The Robots then when we finished we took the tin foil and the boxes to the big bin down it took a lot of trips to do it all.Then we cleaned up the the floor.My robot fell down as soon as I took the tin foil off of the bot

but it was just the head then the deed the the legos.

Diawil- this is my lamp that I made for my assembly.  We are going to put a little lamp in the middle of it. I used creativity to make it because I came up with the idea all by myself.


Today I did investshons. I did  a gest the durwing me & Ruby did it.I went first then ruby they were so wired looking.

It was the best thing in the world then mrs pappillo called me to ried one of my books It was called trivia oliva  I did not Reid It all and the me and ruby did dwarfing.Then we did the anime and I did kwiik.