Guided Reading Week 4- Chinese New Year

What calendar do Chinese people follow? Explain the answer.

the Chinese and the Vietnamese people follow a calendar called the lunar new year calendar.

are some ways the Chinese/Vietnamese people celebrate their New Year?

according to legend to create this system 12 animals argued about how goes first. the gods held a race on witch animal would be first and the rat won and the Chinese and Vietnamese people hang red lanterns and setting off fireworks  it is also celebrated over 15 days

All about me talk

today we did our all about me talk and I felt nerves because I thought that they were going to laugh at me but they didn’t laugh at me which was good because I didn’t want to get laughed at.

my book is special because my uncle and aunty gave it to me on my birthday.

my transformer is special because I got it the same year that my sister left the school .

my rubric cube


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