Assembly Reflection :)

For the assembly me and my friends did a animation about speed, the task was a maths one that I wasn’t here for but thanks to my friends I was able to understand it. But when we finished it we showed it to the teacher and he said that we had to change and add more thing and he made a whole list, we only had one day to redo it all but we did it.

When it was the assembly my role was sign helper and what I had to do was where black and place the sign where it was meant to go, it was awkward but fun and my favourite part of the assembly was prayer and when the make up artist put powder on the hosts faces.

Welcome to my blog

Hi my name is Linh and I’m 11 years old, this is my first time having my own blog, I’m Vietnamese and a quarter Korean but I was born in Australia, my hobbies are playing the piano, drawing and listening to music. My favourite type of music is k-pop, my friends are Ruth, Natasha, Gabriella, Jade and Klorence. My favourite type of food is Vietnamese foods that my grandma makes. I have a older brother and a older sister that both used go to this school, my sister just left last year and when my brother was at school he was really famous. I hope you have a wonderful day.

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