Harmony day Assembly!!

Todays assembly was about harmony day. They celebrated it by dance,dress,story more thing but lets move on. here are 2 of the dancers Indian,Africa they where both different but the Africa one had a story it was about a plane crash and they were praying for a good luck. Anyways if you bean wondering my culture  I am greek my dads dad is greek and then he marry my mum but my mum is just Australian. So I’m just greek and Australian I have a brother also he is greek and Australian to just like me so that’s my culture.




Today in assembly I saw 5/6 hs and mp assembly I liked It when they did the magic tricks because Mr Pearce got it wrong and it was funny, and also It Is clean up Australia day.  also Today we went out to the front of the school to help clean up but anyways back to assembly, Todays assembles theme is the fringe. but they where doing curious stuff they did jokes, magic, body percussion, and juggling. When we went outside we did activities mine was bored games. And it was fun I played uno with Terese ,Christina and this girl I’m never played with before Aleah. I was bored so we went and played Musical statues instead.

Assembly Reflection

Todays assembly was mr Elders and Mrs Martin assembly. I liked when they used the remote because they changed the channels and when it changed the channel to the smiling one it made me smile and made me happy inside. Also I would like to try do the mincraft  Portrait of my self I want to try it because I want to see if my drawing has improved. I learnt that if you try something new you can get better at that thing and you can teach something just by actions. and I enjoyed when they did some of the song it made me want to get up and move around and…………. DANCE!

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