Assembly Reflection! (By Loria)

Today (Friday) it was 6/7 JW and 6/7 PN’s assembly (or our assembly!). It was based of the tv show, The Chase! It was very fun, in my opinion and I really enjoyed it! And I hope you did too!

My Role: I helped make the buttons for the contestants, I also made it with my friends! It wasn’t really hard to make (To be honest). Anyways, I got a speaking part too! I got to say the national anthem, it was really easy to say (and I guess I got lucky with my speaking part).

I really enjoyed it! And though, I got really nervous at first, I soon felt “not nervous,” if that makes sense. Even though I didn’t get a lot of stage time. Which was perfectly fine for me, because I honestly really enjoy being back stage.

There was also the dance, which was cool. I was quite bad though, luckily I was at the back! The song we did was “thunder” by Imagine Dragons, after the dance, some people from our class came to do the language of the week. After that, Mr Slater came to do some talking infront of the school, about the captains of Sports day and some sports stuff! There was also some other videos (about charicatures, maths and some more which I don’t remember).

I hope you enjoyed reading this, here are some photos from our assembly!






Hello World!!

Hello there people. My name is Loria and this is my blog, I’m pretty sure this is the first post on here. So, yeah, anyways I’m supposed to say things about myself, so i’m gonna start! My name is Loria, I am from the class 6/7JW. So yah! I’m in Year 6 and I like (LOVE*) Food!! 😀

So, My birthday’s in April (on the 5th, if you were wondering.) I love playing games (aka roblox/minecraft) and I also enjoy watching anime! So yeah, there’s nothing that interesting.. So yeah. My favourite colours are pink and Green…! And my favorite food is noodles!!!! 😄

Like I said before, I love watching anime in my spare time, some of favorite animes are Tokyo Ghoul, Attack on Titan and some more (Which I don’t remember, sadly.)

Anyways, I have nothing more to say. SO GOOD BYE!

Hello world!

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