Today was 3JH assembly.

Today was 3jh aka my assembly. I like when i did the blue planet.🌎 Dance it was fun. we got to use a mask. And then garbage. Came and tock the. Fish🐟 and the creep misc was GONE. I did get nightmares from the song. I was a narrator. Wen i was the narrator it was FUN!!!!!!!!. I love it i think the assembly was good and. I was a seal.😁 At the start we had 2 people was the mane people it was Riya and Eick.

the zones of the ocean.

today we lend some stuff about the zones of the ocean. so we did sum reserch about the zones of the ocean and this. is what i found i found that Fish🐠 are cold-blooded like reptiles and amphibians. They can’t control their body temperature. and more.🐟


today 3mp and 3jh went to the fish farm. And we saw NEW FISH.!!!!!!! they had a. Mouse and a turtle. And more.

we had Fun it was nice to see new. Fish in the fish farm.😃🐟🐠


This is some of the fishs.