ireland contrey investagasitons

today was country investigation  I was going to make a Ireland origami sword I was getting to hard so I made it a throwing dager and I put a string on it and then I taped it to my arm and then I ask mrs papillo  if me Lucas sathektra sorry if I spelled it wrong if we could go outside so we would not  hit anyone  then we went fake fishing we thrower down the thing and then we betendid we were fishing

assembly/contrey investagashitons

today was friday and the assembly was really fast and my favorite part of it was the transformers I wish I could make one as well and they made a car looking thing for sphero and they made there own nation anthom. today in contrey investagashtions I went in google maps and made a flip chart of where am I and when I shared it they had to guess what the picture is behinde it aka behind the black block and two times it did dobble time you had to guess  and I showed my class I tiny bit of the picture.

out door ed day

today was out door ed day and frist thing I did was out door yoga then boordgames and last thing I did was hand ball or  fosslel hunting and in boordgame there was lego and it was put side of the senter and yoga was in the corner of the oval and at last  I needed to go to the court yard then the teacher asks who wants to do (fossil hunting  put your hand up)  and for me a lot of the posses was one that I have done before

my buddy assembly

today was my buddy assembly and my assembly was about diwail and this is what I needed to read (father open my eyes to the oppotunities all around me to give expecting nothing in return but yourpromise to flood my soul with your effervescent light as you increase my awareness pour out yourcompassion through me give me specific directions and simple heart-felt words to speak thank youfor your humble beginnings as you made your entrance into this world grant me a heart full off humilitydrawing attention to no one but you in Jesus name amen) and I had to read all of it when I got it I was like (0_0  wait what) and when I needed too read it I WAS SOOOOOO SHY I was like what happens if a say a word wrong 0_0  0_0then I did it I was soo happy that it was over but then I remembered I need to go on again so sing a song 0__0 and with the part I had to do I used perseverance  to read it  it was hard at start but at the end of the day I got thro it and there was a play and the main charters was Rama lucshmun I think that is how you spell it and sita

fish tank

update on the tank THERES NOW GOLD FISH!!!!! and I want to call them nimrod and nemo and one of them are a bit black but mostly orange and the other one it just plain orange however the coral Brock a bit but its okay and we need to feed it once every two days.