Fryday its fryday

I know I spelled Friday wrong but I thought it look funny fry day fry like cooking day

its from the song the line is [ its Friday Friday got to catch up with Friday ]

me messing with Minecraft and making a house turned in to war zone just using the snow queen

then I added fire shooters/jets guards blocks that go away and come back

and clay lamps for Diwali

yea forgot to post

so I forgot to post

yay and one more

Movie on 11-9-18 at 2.08 pm-1q1bl14  just in case i did the wrong one

Movie on 8-8-18 at 1.55 pm-1hql9c4

so today I made a robot with light up eyes and  I KNEW EVERY THING!!!!!!!!!!!  gotta admit it was best. I am working with my new partner bon yay  and miss hand force is gone till Friday its crazy. yeah I was called a good thinker so I got called in for 4 hours and 40 mins so yeah its a meeting that I HATE! I would cry if I have to go back and good bye.