Term 2- Week 3 Guided Reading- Bionic Arm Builder

1. What helped Hannah build the bionic arm?

a. Coding

b. Electronics
c. 3D design
d. All of the above

2. What is bionic technology? Explain using your own words.

The bionic arm is a arm that helps people with disability  and is very strong  and can help people with out a arm who need something strong.

3. What can the bionic arm that Hannah built do?

It can help people and open doors it also can be a really helpful thing to other people around the world.they are good for people without arms as well.






Term 2- Week 2 Guided Reading- Composting Awareness

1. What three things help start the composting process…

a. Bacteria

b. Insects
c. Fungi
d. All of the above

2.What sort of fertiliser do the kids add to their compost?

They use dried animal blood and animal bones

3.Explain what worms, slugs and other insects do to improve the compost’s texture?

The worms eat the compost and poop it out and it improves the texture. It helps there plants In there garden.

4.How does compost help our garden?

It will help our plants grow big.The compost is really good for the garden because it helps it grow.

Holiday recount

In the holidays I went to the Wizard Of Oz  and my favirouite part was when the scare crow came on the stage, it was being funny. Toto the dog was really cute because it was a real trained dog. I really liked Dorothy’s singing and the good witch and bad witch.


My Goal for next term

 1.My goal for next term is to get better at Times tables and numeracy  and to get better I am going to get the teacher to help me.

 2. My goal for next term is to make new friends I am going to make a new friend by being kind and talking to new people.

3. My goal for next term is to be a leader and finish my work on time . I am going to do that by not working with my friends.

4.My goal for next term is to be kind and a good friend I am going to be a good friend by helping my friends

reflection – week 9

I am creative when I  make my own iMovie because I use my own ideas and I get an idea on the internet I put it in my own words.

I use my leadership when I help my friends if they are stuck and need help with there work and if I know the answer I will help them find it out.

Guided Reading Week 9- Australian Population Future

1.What are some of the benefits of population growth?

We get more business and more buildings and jobs.


2.What are some of the challenges of population growth?

Traffic because with traffic you can have a car crash and it is   bad for the invorement and more schools and we could run out of water.


3.Do you think Australia’s population should grow or stay the same size? Explain your answer.

I think we should keep Australia the way it is so we do not run out of water and so we can keep the environment  healthy.


week 7 btn – dingos

1.Explain some difference between dingoes and dogs?

Dogs bark and dingos growl and dog are domesticated  and dingos are wild.

2. Why are dingoes sometimes a ‘pest’ for some farmers?

Because they attach live stock like sheep.

3. What Australian state do you NOT find dingoes in?

You do not find digose in Tasmania.