Numeracy- Clocks

today we learnt about clocks  and Mrs Papillo told us to make a clock and we could do it in a group or we could do it in a pair. So I started with Sama and we made the lines and we used little cubes for the dots on the analogue clock. We used the rulers for the minute hand and the second hand.

When I was making the hour hand Thien-An came and asked us if she could join and we said yes. So she helped me with the hour hand and while we were  doing that Sama was writing the numbers and we saw and we helped her write it and put it in place.

We told Mrs Papillo that we were finished and she took a photo and asked us a question. Then it was recess so we played and then it was the end of recess and we finished Mrs Papillo’s question and here the finishing result 


Today we made robots with circuit eyes. When I first got there Mr Ryan was setting it up. When we started we started with making the lights and we had put them in the eyes. Then we made the switch’s and we made it out of cardboard and a pin and there was a hole in there so we could put the pin in there but we needed 2 pins so there was 2 holes and we poked it in so the circle go in the inside. Finally we put all the things together and we clicked the pins or the switch together and the light turned on!

This is some key words for the circuit:

The Energy is going around in the loop.

When I brake the cord the Energy go’s off

When I put them together the power go’s on again.

When I don’t put them together it go’s off again.


This is me and My robot and me turning on the switch.

Country Investigation

Today we did country Investigation and this week we did…………POLAND!

So Michelle/Me , Bella, Riya and Sama decided to do Origami and we started to do a rose but it was too hard and I failed so I searched up polish origami and I mostly found nail polish but I found an origami cube that you can blow and I managed to do it. I can’t show you a picture because it broke and I was so sad because I spent all of my time on this.

The Big Day!!!!!!!!


Today we had to build a HUGE robot and we started off well but then we had lots of jobs and at least all of us got one job and it turned out so well.

But then it came the aluminium foil it was so big that it took us forever I was so stressed that I had a headache.

But we finished it and here is the finished Robot.


VR goggles:

Today we used VR goggles and I went to………. THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA!!!

Sama let me try hers and she was at stone henge and it was so cool!

At the great wall of china I felt like I was actually there and I could actually see how high it was and I could see all the green stuff. 🙂


Today Mrs Handforth told us to design our own robot with our partner and my partner was Bella.

Mrs Handforth also told us to make it work at a place and we decided to make it work at the bank.

We named our Robot RAX.

And this is what he look’s like:

It also show’s you what it look’s like inside.

Book Week

Today was book week and I decided to dress up as Snow White.

In the other weeks we looked at books for book week and here’s all of the story’s:

So there was

Rodney Loses it


Hark it’s me Ruby lee!

The noisy baby

I’m Australian Too

and The second sky.


My favourite book was Rodney Loses it

Because Rodney the bunny loses his favourite pen but it’s on his ear and his get’s so angry.