Harmony day Assembly

Today we celebrated harmony day even though it was yesterday.

My favourite bit was the Vietnamese dance & the Indian dance because the Vietnamese dance was calm & the Indian dance was energetic.

I think it looked like harmony day because it had lots of different dances from different places.

I think in Vietnam they like to dance with each other because it is really hard to figure out a dance yourself.

5/6HS and 5/6MB Assembly

Today was 5/6HS and 5/6Mb’s Assembly and their theme was the fringe, it had comedy, magic, dancing, juggling, Animal show and body percussion.

Today was also clean up Australia day so we had to clean up the outside of the school.

Today Pope John Paul House went to the actual Fringe so both of the other Houses stayed st school which was St. Vincent De Paul House and Mary Mackillop House (ours) at school we had fun activities, me and my friends went to art with Mrs Papillo and Mrs Sharman and the activities and the day was called collaborative house day.

After the long day we were all tired.

My favourite part of the day was the assembly because it was so funny.

5/6AE and 5/6HM Assembly

Today was 5/6AE and 5/6HM assembly.

I enjoyed it because it was my brother’s assembly and because it was good..

I felt so happy because my brother was on the stage.

I would like to try drawing myself in minecraft because I don’t know how I would draw my self in minecraft

4mr and 4pb Assembly 2019

Today was 4mr’s and 4pb’s Assembly (Our Assembly!!!!!)

The best part about our Assembly was the God’s house dance and the favourite place’s Imovie.

I would change the baker boy dance because the move’s didn’t fit with the music.

At first I was nervous then after the Assembly I wanted to do it again.

I think the Audience liked the Minecraft Imovie.

Country Investigation

Today was the 30th of November and today’s country was…………….IRAN!

Today we did Iran and I made the Flipchart.

Sama and Bella helped me and here’s the front of the

Flipchart (P.S I’m going to show you the national Anthem and the tour of Iran)

Me and Sama Made daggers here’s the picture

Here’s the links to the national Anthem and the tour


Friday the 3rd of December

Today was 4AE and 1MR’s buddy assembly an their theme was all about change and my brother was in it because his class is 4AE.

after recess Bella and me shared our Brazil Flipchart, well mostly Bella decided to make the Flipchart.

After lunch we did Yoga of Popcorn the Dolphin which I’ll show you now.

This is the link is popcorn the dolphin from cosmic kids.

5PP and 3JH’S Buddy Assembly Our blue planet

Today was 5PP and 3JH’s buddy assembly witch was our assembly.

I said in the assembly “Welcome to 5PP and 3JH’s assembly, Our blue planet.”

Eric and Riya were the main character.

In one of the bits of the assembly we did a pollution dance and Me, Bella, Sama and Abbey were Turtle’s and I was the only one who had a turtle shell because I made it by my self.

It was Sad because my Mum didn’t come.


But I did have a good day! 🙂

Painting our diya lamp’s

Today we painted our diya lamp’s.

So today after recess we sat on the floor and Mrs Papillo explained what we were doing. So after that Me, Bella, Riya, Lilah, Emily, Jamie, Lia and Arrow were the first one’s to do it. Then when I was finished I did my zones project then 10 or 20 min later we were finished. Then after that we packed up and I’m going to be showing you before and after of my diva lamp and the Zones project!





Our Diya Lamps

Yesterday after recess we had a Diwail activity’s and Watch Rama and Sita ( Ps. I will be linking it).

So firstly, we started to do a puppet show and never recorded it ( Plus we did it down stair’s in the courtyard).

After that we came up and Mrs Handforth asked us if we wanted to make our diya lamps and we said yes.

So we started and I did it for a for about 5 mins. HERE’S MY FINISHING RESULT!

and here’s the link to Rama and Sita


Numeracy- Clocks

today we learnt about clocks  and Mrs Papillo told us to make a clock and we could do it in a group or we could do it in a pair. So I started with Sama and we made the lines and we used little cubes for the dots on the analogue clock. We used the rulers for the minute hand and the second hand.

When I was making the hour hand Thien-An came and asked us if she could join and we said yes. So she helped me with the hour hand and while we were  doing that Sama was writing the numbers and we saw and we helped her write it and put it in place.

We told Mrs Papillo that we were finished and she took a photo and asked us a question. Then it was recess so we played and then it was the end of recess and we finished Mrs Papillo’s question and here the finishing result