Today we did country investigations. I made a paper  box and a paper dagger. I did the paper dagger with no mistake it look cool with the dagger it is my first try.The box ……….. it was not easy but now it is easy. I used persevereance and stamina.

out door ED day

Today we did out door ED.The first activity is handball and fossil hunting but I did handball with Alex R. We did OK with the handball. 2 one is bird feed I hang it on a tree. The 3 one is cross the river and it is fun. The 1st time I do cross the river we did not good BUT  The 2 time is good.

Our Diwali Assembly of 3MP AND 5CM

Today we did an assembly. The assembly is about DIWALI. I was a monkey when we build a the bridg with all of the monkey and other animals too. I enjoy of the let it shine song. The best part was … a monkey going around the stage on Friday the 9th of november. My character strengths it’s teamwork for the monkey. I like the story of Rama and sita. And i like the dance’s.  

My diya lamp.

This is my diya lamp, I made with clay. It took  9 minutes to do it because i keep on doing squishy because it is hard clay and I made it soft clay but is not hard. I do it by my self. I used perseverance and creativity. I made the shape of a diya lamp out of clay.

My clock

this is my clock it has numbers 1 to 12. The big hand is the hour hand. The small hand is the minute hand. And the line is the second hand. The little line is the minutes. Did you know they are 48 little line.The dot is in the middle. I work by my self.