Guided Reading Week 5 – Mungo Man

Mungo Man is the oldest skeleton ever found in Australia. How old
is Mungo Man’s skeleton? Approximately…
40 thousand years
In which region was Mungo Man’s skeleton discovered?
Add a map of the country. this is were he died and where he lived
How did geologist Jim Bowler find the skeleton?
when he went on a trip to new south wales for a research trip
Why were the traditional Aboriginal owners of the Willandra Lakes angry?
 because they took his sprite away

Guided Reading Week 4 – Chinese New Year

What calendar do Chinese people follow? Explain the answer.
 the lunar calendar witch follows the moon  new year is held on the second moon of winter  of the northern hemisphere and each year it falls on a different date  this year it is the 16 of Feb the date also remarks the date of the spring harvest  the best time for the farmers to prepare for the growing season
What are some ways the Chinese/Vietnamese people celebrate their New Year?
the way that they celebrate by putting red latens on there house and seeing the Chinese dragon

week : 3


what helps me to speak is when i am proud of something and i feel all excited and i have something to show

what helps me to read is when i sit with my friends and i am on task and i know that i can do it

what helps me to write is when i sit with my friends and so that they can help me and also the teachers help me to write and that improves it