Guided Reading Week 9- Australian Population Future

1.What are some of the benefits of population growth?

The benefits about the growth are that we can have more jobs more tax more houses .


2.What are some of the challenges of population growth?

That are roads are more busy and the engines from the car and the steam is going up into the air and making a affection  and they have to have more schools and that means more money and it means more cars and trucks.


3.Do you think Australia’s population should grow or stay the same size? Explain your answer.

I think that we should have a bit more because that means more jobs more people to care for .

refection week 9

How do you use your creativity?

I use it when I get told to make a art creation and make a drawing and a creation that I had and I dear and made it

[I use my creativity when I find an idea and I dont copy it, I try to make it something similar but I do not make it the same].


I use leadership when I tell some to follow in my foot steps and lead them in the right and not the wrong and I use it when I give them in vice [advice].

Guided Reading Week 8- Plastic Free Boy

1.How is plastic pollution having a negative impact on animals and our environment?

Because it has been tricking the sea animals and the animals are eating them. and hurting them and they need help to get them free .


2. How many tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean?

the tone that are ending up in the ocean are 8 million tones of rubbish each year are ending up in the ocean and hurting the animals .



3. What can you do to help the environment?

By using the plastic bag helps of time and use your straw more times then one. and do not drop rubbish on the floor.

Guided Reading Week 7 – Dingos

1. Explain some difference between dingoes and dogs.
Dogs and dingoes are different because the dog are a house pet and dingoes are not because there not that nice so that is why .
2. Why are dingoes sometimes a pest for some farmers?
Because they eat all the chickens and cow and that eat all the other food on the farm .
3. What Australian state do you NOT find dingoes in?
They are not found in Tasmania .

Numeracy refection

How does working in a group or with a partner help you?

It helps me because my friend tells me something when i am stuck on something. and helps me i think it helps me because i am not that good at math and my friend helps me some times when i am am not confused but i might need help he is always there even if i do not need him to help me . But he still helps me because he is a good friend and he will help me no matter what and never says no to help me because i am not the best at math but he helps me .

Guided Reading Week 5- Eyes

1. Who studies eyes? Ophthalmologist


a. Ophthalmologist

b. Orthodontist

c. Ornithologist



2. Briefly explain how monocular vision works.

vision works buy and if you think you are short sited you need to test it


3. How does having eyes on either side of its head help lizards?

to catch there pray and hunt